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of manhattan are under evacuation orders. hurricane sandy is making her presence felt along the north carolina coast. it's bringing rain, big waves and strong winds. and here's a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. the camera is shaking in the wind ask there's rain there as well. sandy is expected to get a power punch when it collides with two other storms, and that super storm could dump rain or snow over 800 miles from the east coast to the great lakes. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we beginning our team coverage of the developing storm with leigh glaser. i understand sandy is expected to come ashore tomorrow? >> leigh: late monday night, throughout the morning hours on tuesday, and looks like atlantic city could be the place where the superstorm makes landfall. let get to live doppler 7hd. you can see -- we're going to put the satellite on there as well. cape hatteras, north carolina, 50 miles-per-hour winds, virginia beach, virginia as well. 45 miles-per-hour, and you can see the rain bands churning and moving inland. the width of the storm, over 500 m
shore. national hurricane center says the center of the post tropical cyclone, sandy expected to make land fall anymore now. we're seeing part of that system moving on shore right now. you'll see that we do have some heavy rain moving across the isolated amounts of up to a foot. and atlantic city, overcast jumping to 22 miles per hour. we've seen wind gusar up to 82 r hour. watching this carefully, snow has been falling in the mountains and expecting two to three feet of snow. goitsing to move northwest ward but this combining with cold arctic air creating snowfall. we're expecting again two to three feet of snow here. heavy rains and that is going to likely lead to more flooding in that area. i'll have the latest on th local weather and the rain possibility. >> thank you very much. ews is livet moffe field. bay area members of the national guard a headed to help in search and rescue operatns >> re right. five huge car planes have field here carrying 100 personnel. the largest plane that left here is a c 17 globe master. it's carrying two helicopters which are essential to ope
to help restore power and areas damaged by hurricane sandy. about 150 employees are across the company northern california division. all of them will be used to provide support and get things up and running. so we're happy to send crews out there to restore customers. we've got 150 employees going from northern and central california that. is designed so we can still maintain safe operations here in california while we're helping our utilities on the coast coast. >> most of the teams have helped other agencies before. the teams expected to arrive in white plains new york in the morning and will hit the ground running. relieving some of the team that's are already working and have been working, around the clock in the field most of them have been just trying to restore power lines assess damage and find out what it is they need. that is why pg&e is determined to get there tonight, if they can. i want you to see these teams that are headed to new york tonight. hope floi get there before midnight but by morning they say they're determined to get brothers and sisters on the east coast up a
, sandy. nearly five million homes and businesses are still without power. long lines as people try to catch buses into manhattan. coned yi ton says it's on track to restore power by saturday. he he says recovery is just going to take time. >> it's going to have to work out some procedures to make sure people can get food. some will have electricity back. they'll be back to normal situations. >> in new jersey national guardsmen rescued people still trapped. there are homes, piers and baurd board walks utterly wrecked. all three of the major new york area airports are open again but with limited service. first plane the storm hit landed at la guardia airport this morning. 20,000 flights were cancelled here at san francisco international airport the duty manager says flights are finally back to normal. he says there is no backlog of people travel together east coast at this point. and no need now for extra flights. >> members of a strike team being regarded as heroes for evacuating maternity ward. nurses clutching weeks-old babies using plastic bags as respirators. 20 maybes and mothe
're watching hurricane sandy. you can see outer bands. and 75 miles per hour now. forecast track weakens and moving to the northeast z then, by next week makes a northwestern turn expected land fall around washington, d.c. or baltimore this, storm expected to merge with another storm coming in. colder air from canada. and if they this materializes this could have major impact heavy rain, coastal flooding and we'll be watching carefully here, travel trans to mid atlantic plans heading into next week could be facing major delays so just be careful. and temperatures now into the bay area, really mild. temperatures into 70s inland. 60s coast side. we're headed towards warmer weather. sunny, warm this weekend. rain likely on halloween, computer models in agreement. both computer models looking wet for halloween. temperatures tomorrow morning not quite as cold as this morning. upper 40s to about mid-50s. and we'll see fog forming right near the coastline in the morning. storm clouds well north and there is a sunny weekend ahead. temperatures remain on the mild to warm side saturday and sunday.
making monday a day of giving for victims of sandy. disney kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. ux help by texting to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or by going online to red >> economic news, october jobs report is out. candidates using it to try to win over voters before tuesday's election. rates picked up and analysts say that is because more people without jobs started looking for work. 171,000 new jobs were added to the economy. the president seized on the jobs report today. mr. obama told supporters more workers hired in october than any other time in the last eight months. he says america has come too far to turn back now. >> we've come too far to grow faint hearted. now is the time to keep pushing forward. train our workers to create new jobs and rebuild our infrastructure. >> mitt romney took aim at the unemployment report saying it's a sad reminder the economy is in a virtual stand still. >> he said he'd get unemployment down to 5.2%. that is nine million jobs short. th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6